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Medical Mistakes

During the course of medical treatment, physicians are trusted to make correct decisions, and often these split-second decisions are the difference between successful treatment and devastating injuries. If a medical provider fails to give their full time and attention to the person they are treating, they should be held responsible for the injuries that they cause.

Medical Mistakes and Common Causes

We are committed to getting to the bottom of the situation and discovering exactly what medical mistake may have occurred that led to you or a loved one’s injury or illness. At The Chafin Law Firm, we believe that the medical professional or facility responsible for the medical mistake must be held liable for their actions and brought to justice. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with all types of medical errors that stem from medical malpractice, including:

  1. Surgical errors

  2. Emergency room errors

  3. Medication errors

  4. Pharmacy errors

  5. Doctor errors

  6. Nurse errors

  7. Childbirth errors

  8. Diagnosis errors

  9. Recalled and dangerous prescription drugs


In addition to mistakes made by the treating doctor, serious physical injuries could also result from:

  1. Hospital Negligence

  2. Surgical Errors

  3. Anesthesia Problems

  4. Prescription Mistakes


Do not let a medical mistake ruin your life because you did not take legal action and hold the medical professional responsible for their actions. You deserve compensation for the losses you have suffered. At The Chafin Law Firm, we will provide the diligent representation you need so you and your family are able to move on and enjoy life.

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